CRM for manufacturing

The customer asked to improve the calculation of salaries of the people employed in manufacturing; connect the production department with the sales department; and order the statements.


We have designed, sketched, and built a system that connects three departments: production, sales, and accounting. The sales department got a CRM system that allows to place an order without switching between different systems. The user sees the list of clients, the list of every client’s deal, the details of any given deal, and the order status of anything ordered from the production department. As soon as the order is completed, the client gets an email notification.


In a production department, the list of orders is shown in a given sequence. For every order the implementer (one or more) is chosen. After the particular part of the job is done, the payment is divided proportionally. After all the work that the order required has been completed, the sales department gets a notification.


The display of statistics is developed for the CEO so that they can easily see all status updates, orders, and statements on every deal.