Application that allows to perform cephalometric analysis in less than 90 seconds. Import or take a picture of the x-ray, select an analysis (Jarabak or MBT) insert the point and it done! In short time you can make your treatment plan. With Smartceph now is easier for all orthodontists to perform cephalometric!


The customer asked to upgrade an application that was made a couple of years earlier by other developers. The upgraded version required more measurements in the results shown by the application, and increased precision of measurements. The formula to calculate the destination between the two points, the names of the points, and the logic behind the “capture” of the points while clicking were all changed. New screens and buttons were added, and the logic behind the screen shifting was also slightly changed. While it may seem that the application has only four template screens, each of them is backed by the complicated logic and own controllers.


The application is written in Objective-C using C++. We haven’t changed the original architecture and continued working with these languages. We also used Core Graphic. The application is upgraded and is already in the App Store. The customer was satisfied with our work, and we continue to enhance the application according to the new tasks. December, 2016: The app became localized for English, small bugs were fixed, 3 new types of measurements were added.