Where Are My Goods

An application that allows you to track orders from different delivery services, as well as determine whether the job has been done or the order has been delivered to the retail stores. Initially, the customer required an application that would eliminate the need for tracking the stage of delivery of drugs and the need for calling the pharmacies to make sure the drugs ordered by the patient have arrived. However, during the app development, more scopes of application have been added.


The application for the client allows the client to make an order right from the queue. QR-codes are used for the information exchanged between the client and the seller. By scanning QR code on the seller’s phone screen, the client lets the server know that the they are the one who are placing an order. After that, the program proceeds with the order. The client’s application includes the calendar, history, GPS map (for visual tracking), and notifications. This means, the client doesn’t have to ever call the seller to find out whether the order has been made or the goods have been delivered. For maximum efficiency, the goods and services are broken down into groups that the client can create and control. In addition, all estimated delivery times, locations are shown on the calendar, and map.


  • Application is integrated with the delivery service companies
  • Uses Twilio API for SMS notification
  • Stripe API for subscription payments
  • PayPal API for QR code payments
  • Easypost API for tracking packages from a big number of delivery companies