Epic is the first application that allow in less than a minute and in few steps to determine which primary teeth to extract, if necessary, in order to prevent canine impaction. It is aimed at helping dentists make a quick and accurate decision regarding primary teeth extraction. It calculates spacing in millimetres, finds the measures of the angles, and offers results and recommendations based on these measurements. Automation of the process speeds up the dentist’s judgement on the need for primary teeth extraction.


  • The app allows the user to enter patient details, such as their name, age, and the clinic where the appointment is taking place. This is especially handy for dentists that work in multiple clinics.
  • The user can choose a photo from the phone gallery, or take one using the camera.
  • To perform the measurement, the app determines the positions of the dental arches and notes the directions in which the teeth are growing.
  • Based on gathered information, the app finds the measures of the angles in relation to the dental arches and to each other.
  • The app generates a PDF file with the results, a photo and recommendations. The results can be modified, zoomed in on the photo, and shared with colleagues.


When the customer came to Almet, he had only the idea of the app’s functions. Therefore, we’ve created the project from scratch, from design to testing. The app uses Core Graphic technologies. The project was realized by the team that consisted of the designer, iOS developer, a project manager, and quality assurance specialist. The app is ready and out at the App Store helping professionals save time and work more efficiently.