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Since 2012, we have been helping mobile app development companies as well as mid-sized businesses across multiple vertical markets to create software that runs smoothly on all devices and screens.

  • iOS and Android Apps
  • Applications for Enterprises
  • in-App Purchases and Subscription models
  • Mobile Apps Monetization
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We Develop Apps of All Types, Including

  • Mobile CRM, ERP, ECM and other enterprise systems

    Extending the reach of your vital business applications to all mobile platforms for higher productivity and interoperability, creating a user-friendly and dynamic view of people, processes and content.

  • Logistics

    Empowering transportation workers with a wealth of functionality including real-time fleet management, asset tracking and management, location tracking and traffic information.

  • mCommerce

    Creating outstanding customer experience with personalized content and fuss-free checkouts on mobile, tablet and beyond. Stay at the competitive edge, moving towards omni-channel engagement and higher customer loyalty.therapies and more. Enabling caregivers to benefit from improved communication for better outcomes.

  • Travelling

    Providing the tourism industry with mobile travel agency apps, online booking, interactive guides and maps, automated trip planning and more.

  • Manufacturing

    Helping manufacturers improve agility and efficiency through mobilized field service management, asset management, field sales, shop floor management and business intelligence.

  • Sports

    Bringing vivid digital sports experience to mobile screens of millions of fans all over the world through league- and team-based apps, multisport broadcasting and media apps and location-based mobile solutions for stadium visitors. All rich in media content, social integration and live streaming.

  • mHealth

    Going mobile to empower patients on their ways to better health. Letting them come along and take control of their wellbeing by accessing medical records, receiving 24/7 guidance on their prescribed therapies and more. Enabling caregivers to benefit from improved communication for better outcomes.

  • Fitness

    Allowing gym and fitness enthusiasts to benefit from activity tracking apps, nutrition and diet apps and workout apps including personal training assistants.


“I'm glad that I found Almet for my application. They were very attentive to detail, and I'd recommend them 100%!”

Antonio F

Florence, Italy

“My company needed an app for our eComerce customers to purchase items easily from our online store. Almet was very professional and delivered a wonderful app. Great work guys!”

Lauren G.

New York, NY

“My nutrition company needed a solution for our users to easily track their food intake and activity levels. Our customers rave about our app. Thanks!”

Randy L.

Atlanta, GA

“I love this company. Site starts increasing views!”

John W.

San Diego, CA

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