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We are an experienced outsource web development partner to deliver cost-effective and reliable Mobile Backend Services that match your requirements. We expertise in Android Backend, iOS Backend and other mobile backend services to match your requirements.

  • Backend for iOS App
  • Backend for Android App
  • Custom Mobile Backend Services

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Mobile App Backend Development

We make a backend for mobile apps. In other words, this is called a server or a server side. The backend is connected to a mobile application using REST API. The backend can both store and process information that comes from mobile devices. Also, we make backend integration with third-party services, for example Stripe or Paypal for payments, Google Maps, Yandex Maps, Football-API, Amazon API and many others. In addition to the server part, we create both an admin panel or control panel, this is the admin area that manages content in the mobile application, from which you can send news, track statistics, update user lists, send push-notifications, etc. Mobile App Backend development is a necessary part for easy access and management of any mobile application.

Backend for Android App

Backend for Android App, in other words Android Backend develops for mobile devices used Android operating system. Our fully-professional and highly trained team of developers has a lot of experience in development backend for Android App and proficient in server-side scripting languages like PHP, ASP.NET, C++, SWIFT, Objective-C, Python and Java. We produce sociable backend for Android Apps with user authentication and authorization through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social networks.

Backend for iOS App

Backend for iOS App, in other words iOS Backend develops for mobile devices used iOS operating system. Our custom backend for iOS allows you send push notifications to iOS devices, SMS messages, automated or on-demand emails with email templates. Our experts are high skilled and having vast experience in developing custom backend for iOS App.